Vrijdag 17 april - Opening: Lezing Winy Maas + Openingsfilm ButoHouse

Friday 17th april Opening: Keynote lecture Winy Maas + opening film ButoHouse

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Keynote in Dutch, Film has English subtitles



Winy Maas

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Keynote lecture: Winy Maas

Architect, professor and urban designer Winy Maas of the renowned design agency MVRDV will be TIAFF's ambassador in 2020. Over the past 25 years, Winy Maas has been responsible for iconic projects such as the Dutch pavilion for the Expo 2000 in Hanover, the Market Hall in Rotterdam, the Glass Farm in Schijndel and the first public art depot of Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen. TIAFF asked Winy Maas because of his ability to make new possibilities for architecture and cities of the future concrete with expressive models and visualizations.

On Friday 17 April, Winy Maas will give a lecture on Models & Ruins at the opening of TIAFF 2020. Maas will reflect on his work, discuss his ideas about future developments in architecture and his vision on design.

Opening film: ButoHouse

ButoHouse is a poetic portrait of Keisuke Oka who has been building his Arimaston house in Tokyo on his own for 15 years. Not based on studies or models but inspired by the Japanese Butoh dance. Every day of construction is an improvisation. The film follows Oka on the last day before construction was halted by the city.


17/18 april 2020

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