On Saturday 14 April 2018 the Tilburg Architecture Film Festival (TIAFF) will take place in movie theater Cinecitta. We present you a full day of movies, lectures, expositions, music and food. We hope to see you soon!

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The theme of the second edition of TIAFF is called  The Social Component. With a full day of movies, lectures, music, food and expositions we investigate how architecture and cities can take shape from a social point of view and how buildings and cities can influence society.

Guest speakers on TIAFF 2018 are:
Nanne de Ru, Arna Mačkić, Marc Glaudemans, Tim Verlaan, Michiel Smits, Jan Hubert Bisschops, Jenny van den Broeke, Gerdien Wolthaus Paauw and Jurre Mattheeuwse.

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Tickets give entrance to a movieblock. One movieblock costs 7,50 euro. Students have a discount and pay 5,50 euro per movieblock. The intermezzo is for free (no reservations).

You can buy the tickets by clicking the 'buy ticket' link in the program or directly on the site of Cinecitta.

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Mario Jacobs is alderman of spatial planning in the city of Tilburg. He is involved in the social impact of the built environment on the city's citizens.

"The city is buzzing like never before"


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Sander van Bussel is co-initiator of Tilburg Cowboys, a multidisciplinary artist collective from Tilburg. With his unconventional perspective, Sander asks:

"why is everything in the city so extremely organized"?

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Rob van Steen is director of Theaters Tilburg. Rob sees himself as the host of a theater in the city and he is fascinated by the important role that the building can play in this.

How can architecture be inviting?

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Miranda Poel and Ad Roefs are the creators of the artwork called Maawmuur, located in Tilburg. The underlying idea is to constructively convert a complaint into a solution, tacking between seriousness and humor.

It's a joy to let people see the world differently.

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Movie theater Cinecitta has three cinema rooms, a multifunctional room, a restaurant / cafe and an inner courtyard. TiAFF will use these facilities the full day. More info on: www.cinecitta.nl


14 APRIL 2018

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